I. 友链规则:

一、请先添加我的博客网站链接 :

二、查看我站联系方式 ,或直接发送邮件到:admin#vip.lizhihu.com (请将#换成@),告知你已添加,我会在两日内添加贵站到友情链接页面,并回复邮件通知你。


I. Friends chain rules:

1. Please add a link to my blog site first:
        Website name: Li Zhi Yun
        Website URL: https://www.lizhihu.com

2. Check the contact information of our site, or send an email directly to: admin#vip.lizhihu.com (please replace # with @) to inform you that it has been added, I will add your site to the friendship link page within two days and reply Email you.

3. This site is a personal blog site. It publishes friendly links and obeys our site's privacy rules.

II. Friendship link display:

II. 友情链接展示:

  • 十年之约 
  • 期待你的网站出现在这里

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